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  "David S." <I at DONT.LIKE.SPAM> wrote:
> I'm writing a CGI script that will launch a long-running process in the
> background, and return some HTML page to the browser.  Now, I know how
> to do that with 'fork()', but it seems to me that I should be able to do
> the same thing with a daemonic thread from the 'threading' module.
> I can't get that to work, though,
>    ...
>    xt = threading.Thread(target=_threadExec, args=(save, mail, None))
>    xt.setDaemon(1)
>    xt.start()
>    ...
> and the script exits with no thread running.  Non-daemonic threads seem
> to work as I expect them to.  What don't I understand about daemonic
> threads?  (Python 1.5.2 on Linux 2.2.7, if its relevant.)


Daemonic threads die if no other non-daemonic thread lives. At the moment
your script (the main thread, non-daemonic) dies, all (daemonic) child
threads die too.


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