ANNOUNCE: a few little things

Neil Schemenauer nascheme at
Wed Nov 17 01:03:57 CET 1999

I spent a bit of time today and updated my Python web site.  The
highlights are:

A Stand-alone version of Python for Windows. It includes Python
1.5.2, Tcl, zlib and bsddb.  It fits on a floppy and can be
extracted and run from any location.  Just add your application

It is very possible that I screwed something up when making the
zip file.  If you have problems running the "hello world"
application on a machine without Python installed, please let me


An extension module wrapping the sparse library.  It can be used
for solving large systems of linear equations.  Included is a
compiled Windows binary.  Changes in this release are:

    0.2 to 0.3

       - fixed off by one bug in set_element
       - fixed bugs in spDestroy and RecordAllocation
       - added program from D. Michael McFarland 
         <mcfarlan at>
       - added and
       - moved sparse routines into their own directory


m4 macros for creating extension classes.  This is very alpha.  I
don't expect anyone to actually use them.  I just want to know if
anyone is interested.  They definitely make simple extension
modules easier to write.

Here is some sample code for creating a Hello module with a Hello
class with a hello method:

= hello.m4 ==========================================================


        PY_DEF(hello, self, args)
                return Py_None;


This software can be downloaded from:

If you have any problems please let me know.


"The percentage of users running Windows NT Workstation 4.0 whose PCs stopped
working more than once a month was less than half that of Windows 95 users."

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