Upgrading Python on Windows

Mikael Olofsson mikael at isy.liu.se
Thu Nov 25 04:37:13 EST 1999

On 24-Nov-99 Mark Hammond wrote:
 > >I-can-troubleshoot-a-UNIX-install,-but-Windows-scares-me-ly yours
 >  You should be able to uninstall Python 1.5.1 from Control Panel->Add Remove
 >  Programs.  Id suggest doing before installing the new version.
 >  Nothing-to-be-scared-of-ly,

Make a backup and/or check your disk recovery toolbox first.

I recall the first time I tried to uninstall a program under Win95. My
entire Programs directory disappeared into some black hole.

Certainly-something-to-be-scared-of,-it's-MS-ly y'rs


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