[HELP] TKinter could not run in Python!

Dennis Wilson lincwils at teleport.com
Sun Nov 14 19:49:04 EST 1999

Mark, would you be willing to post the modifications that you made under
item 3.
I found that I could get Tkinter to work by copying the tcl80.dll and
tk80.dll into my python directory, but I was then forced to re-install


Mark Wu wrote in message <80mfel$p3k$1 at news.seed.net.tw>...
>Dear David:
>    I think I already solve this problem. Because I have to use TCL/TK to
>develop software, therefore I have to keep the TCL/TK in the update to date
>    I trying to uninstall the TCL/TK v8.1 , then reinstall the TCL/TK
>then I make some modification of my env. and TCL source
>1) I set TCL_LIBRARY="the path where you install the TCL lib"
>2) then, set TK_LIBRARY="the path where you install the TK lib"
>3) Finally, I make some modification of some scripts in the 8.05 version...
>4) It works ...
>Thanks, I hope could share this experience with you!
>Best Regards, Mark

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