Newbie: raw_input and other input methods

Randall Hopper aa8vb at
Mon Nov 29 14:20:45 CET 1999

Hassan Aurag:
 |However when I wanted to have a nifty prompt like the following one:
 |raw_input("\033[0;34mInput: \033[0m"), I was surprised it got all 
 |screwed up.
 |This is true if you run this anywhere (gnome-terminal, vt without 
 |X...). It won't know the real size of terminal, because it thinks 
 |len("\033[0;34mInput: \033[0m") = 24 instead of what is really there 
 |and that is 7.
 |This means that line wrapping won't work on your first line!
 |My question is:
 |Is there another input method a la raw_input (not like input that 
 |evals also) that can be mixed with readline and still sees that string 
 |as it is.

Well, an easy fix you probably thought of is to end your prompt string with
'\n'.  ;-)  That is, do input on the line following the prompt.

 |Or, is there any workaround?

Don't know.  A curses module may have what you need.  Too bad raw_input
doesn't support a line-length parameter, or you could just override the

Randall Hopper
aa8vb at

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