status of remote debugging?

David Arnold arnold at
Sun Nov 28 23:41:38 CET 1999

-->"Preston" == Preston Landers <prestonlanders at> writes:

  Preston> Hello all, Just wondering if there is already an
  Preston> implementation of remote debugging for Python.  If not, I'm
  Preston> thinking it would be a neat trick.

several years ago, Martin Chilvers (of Fnorb fame) hacked up a Tk
interface (i think) which used a locally-developed notification
service to communicate with the target program.

it was very nice -- full control of the remote program, but it did
require threads in the target.  martin?  do you still have it?

more recently, i was talking to Mark Hammond about the debugging stuff
Microsoft has done for its scripting languages: they have decreed a
set of interfaces to be provided by the interpreter, making the
internal state visible to a debugger process.  this has the added
benefit of support inter-language calls.

i've been toying with the idea of doing something similar, with bits
on the side of pdb and maybe even gdb(?!) to expose the runtime state
in some uniform way.  but i haven't actually done anything yet ...


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