Drawing (directed) graphs

Charles G Waldman cgw at fnal.gov
Fri Nov 5 09:24:44 EST 1999

Magnus L. Hetland writes:
 > "Adrian Eyre" <a.eyre at optichrome.com> writes:
 > > > Good thing there is a platform independent Python graphics library!
 > > 
 > > How can there be. Some OSs (Minix) don't support graphics at all...
 > Maybe you should check out the URL given before whining <wink>
 > Even on Minix you could easily generate jpegs, or postscript files or
 > whatever with Piddle. If you can't run an X server or something, that
 > only means that you can't see it... Or maybe you have a printer?

Or for maximum portatbility, you could use the "aa" ascii-art library
to display the images on an ASCII terminal.... it's a C library, but
it would be trivial to SWIG up a set of Python bindings, if this
hasn't been done yet.

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