Python complaints

James Logajan JamesL at Lugoj.Com
Thu Nov 25 19:56:12 EST 1999

Mark Carroll wrote:
> Basically, I'd be really interested to learn: what _don't_ people like
> about Python?

Well, I guess I don't like all the complaints about Python, not that there
all that many. And I don't like the fact that Guido spelled "define" wrong.
He incorrectly spelled it "def". This has annoyed me for years and I'm not
sure I'll continue to use Python until this gets corrected. I've also
considered no longer using C and Unix for years because K&R incorrectly
spelled "create" as "creat".

"F u cn rd ths, thn u cn bcm a prgrmmr!"

(Too cheap to buy a vowel and too lazy to be taken seriously.)

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