python-sound-server for PySol under unix

Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer markus.oberhumer at
Tue Nov 16 06:50:00 CET 1999

I've written a prototype implementation of a simple
sound server for the next PySol release using a 
small Python UDP server which forks of calls
to wav players like sox and bplay, but the
performance is not suitable for general release.

Basically I'd only need what the Win32 winsound 
module provides (play/loop/stop), though further
extensions could be interesting for other applications.

So is there an official Python-way of playing 
high-quality wav sounds under Unix ? 
Using pipes, sockets, or daemons like ESD ?

If nobody has been working on this I'll hack something
together (probably a small C program using the SDL library -,
but this would just mean yet another non-standard sound server.


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