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Alessandro Bottoni Alessandro.Bottoni at
Tue Nov 2 10:25:14 CET 1999

I'm evaluating Python and Visual Basic 6.0 as my possible tools for
developing a few win32 utilities for my work and I'm realizing a few
interesting facts:

1) Both these languages can be used as a "glue language" in a COM-based
application (and in a MFC-based application, too), despite the fact that
only VB is normally considered "the right one" for this task (OK: together
with Delphi).
2) Python is much clearer, smarter and better structured than Visual Basic.
So, you can make programs that are much easier to maintain.
3) Visual Basic has two advantages on Python: it can compile programs (OK: I
know that we can generate "frozen" Python programs with "Freeze") and it has
a well-organized visual IDE. 
4) As long as I can understand, Visual Basic IDE is heavily based on
pre-build "program templates". That is: you create a new application on the
basis of an existing one and use a lot of Wizards and other "visual" tools
to "fill-in the blanks". 

So, I wonder:
1) How about a Python compiler? Does anybody is working on such a project? I
saw a lot of messages regarding this topic in the past, but which is the
current status?
2) How about a Python Virtual Machine, "a la Java", as a possible
alternative to a real compiler? Is there anything like that? Is anybody
working on it?
3) How about using the "Template & Wizard" approach with Python, inside IDLE
or another IDE? Does anybody is working on such a project? Guido, do you
think to go in this direction with IDLE?
4) How about a "standard" installation tool? Is there anything like
InstallShield or "VB Package & Deployement tool" in our world? Does anybody
is working on such a project?

I will use Python for at least a part of my projects in the near future, no
matter if these tools will be available or not, but I think that a few tools
like that would make happy a lot of people and would make Python a (even
more) dreadful rival for Visual Basic.

Thanks for your attention. 
Alessandro Bottoni
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