Proposal: Python Info Collective

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Mon Nov 15 10:46:38 EST 1999

Jules Allen <usenet-mm-yyyy at> wrote:
> | Actually, 'strong leadership' is not enough. If someone cracks his whip
> | impressively in open source but doesn't write any code himself, you won't
> | get any software in the end. So you need someone who actually takes on
> | the responsibility for writing the code. :)

> Mmm! Is that the sound of you volunteering Martijn?

Definitely *not*. It is just my voice of 'experience' speaking. I don't
have enough time to volunteer for anything right now, I'm volunteering
for too many things already.

> | [Vaults of Parnassus]
> |
> | Browses through them eagerly and curiously.  :)

> The modest, retiring author

Very modest and retiring indeed. Lots of kudos to whomever it is!

> has given me a little more insight in to the
> architecture -- it's a low end machine using PyApache and he's built some
> kind of caching mechanism that's updated once a day. Mainly so the database
> doesn't get the whatsits pummeled out of it.

> It sounds like what's there is a brilliant proof of concept and with a
> little help and encouragement, it could become a robust solution to this
> problem.

I think CPAN has some automatic command-line magic system as well,
doesn't it? Is anyone familiar with it? What are the advantages of it?

Perhaps this could work well with distutils; if the Python distutils
mature enough, Parnassus can have a flag somewhere 'distutils compatible'
or something like that for each module/program in its database.

That way downloading and installing these systems
will suddenly become a lot easier. That could really make the thing
take off.


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