Using GNU C complier as the "default" windows complier

Werner Fouche wfouche at
Wed Nov 10 12:58:33 CET 1999

"Mike Callahan" <mcalla at> wrote in message
news:ma4W3.7794$Ur4.223420 at
> This a question from a newbie but I was thinking...why doesn't the default
> Python code for windows use the GNU C complier for windows instead of the
> complier. Would it be possible to distribute the GNU package along with
> Python package and thus make it easier to compile, extend, and embed
> use freeze, etc? I know it would take some work, but it seems it would
> windows Python a lot more like unix Python. Just a thought...

I had the same idea on the weekend. So I installed Cygwin
( on my NT system and after running
"./configure" got Python to compile and run. However, I could not get Python
threads to work.

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