Python complaints

Garrett G. Hodgson garry at
Tue Nov 30 10:05:22 EST 1999

Thomas Hamelryck wrote:

> Well, here are some of the things I don't like very much:
> Block delimitation by indenting.

this is perhaps my favorite thing about python, 
the lack of visul cruft.  when i look at code, i want to see
code, and not a bunch of noise that only serves to make the
parser writer's job easier.
(and yes, the last few languages i wrote used ";" and "{}".
but i plead ignorance, that was pre-python).

> This makes python look
> like a porsche with a caravan attached :-).

i don't get it.

> I very much miss the unary arithmatic operations that C has (e.g. a+=1).
i got used to that pretty quick.

one thing i dislike, even while understanding the reasoning,
is the explicit "self" in member references.  no big deal, though.

> But of course, it's still a very nice language :-)


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