performance of tuple-less Python?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Nov 29 12:12:12 EST 1999

Greg Wilson asks:

> Has anyone ever built a version of Python that didn't include
> tuples, 

Not with the result of a working Python...

> and looked at the performance of code that consistently
> used lists instead?  

The relative performance would be related to the performance 
of malloc on your system. You could get some idea by timing 
creating and manipulating sequences of various sizes in 
regular Python.

> I'm curious as to whether the use of tuples
> (which I believe are conceptually redundant) 

They're only redundant if the concept of mutability is 
meaningless. A reference-based language without a concept 
of mutability would be, um, an adventure.

what-if-six-turned-out-to-be-nine-ly y'rs

- Gordon

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