Beta 3e of the Win32 Installer

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Nov 17 17:50:11 EST 1999

Win32 Installer users:

Beta 3e is here (the *last* beta before release 3, got that, 
Burt? <wink>).

The new beta features:
 - run from CDROM (if R/O, uses temp directory)
 - put your own icon in the .exe (thanks to Thomas Heller!)
 - bug fixes
 - more docs
 - examples of how to put Python on a floppy.

In fact, one of the configs will put Python, Tcl/Tk and IDLE on 
a floppy. Use it interactively, or pass it a script! Just like real 

Check out

A more formal announcement will follow when it goes release.

- Gordon

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