WinNT and python as text filter...

Gaetan Corneau Gaetan_Corneau at
Tue Nov 30 20:42:59 CET 1999


> Are you sure it's the same problem?

Thinking of it, maybe not. 

> As far as I know
>  >xxx.yyy >foo.txt
> does not work if xxx.yyy is executed through a file 
> association.

On my machines, this *usually* works, because I use MKS Toolkit's Korn
I tried with an NT "DOS" shell, and it doen't work. I wonder what's the
difference (no, I don't use #! in my script).

> foo.txt will be created and empty. The executable 
> associated to .yyy will have stdout and stderr connected to a 
> bit bucket. 
> Python doesn't have anything to do with it.

I know that, of course :)
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