difference between invocation of python script on unix and microsoft?

Dan Stromberg strombrg at bingy.acs.uci.edu
Mon Nov 29 23:41:52 EST 1999

I wrote a python script for converting "go diagrams" from ascii into a
"structured go format".  If you're into go, you know what I mean, if
not it probably doesn't matter.

I personally use the script under linux.

I made the script available to others via anonymous ftp.  At least one
of the interested users is using a microsoft OS.  This user is having
trouble getting it to work.

Can anyone tell me in what ways using python under microsoft is
different from python under unix?

I assume #! doesn't work.  Assuming I use:

  newstosgf < filename

...under linux, does one need to say:

  python c:/full/path/to/newstosgf < filename

...under microsoft?

(Actually I say just say |newstosgf from within trn on linux - less to
type, but you probably get the idea more from the above than from
this, unless you're a heavy trn user)

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