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Tony J. Ibbs (Tibs) tony at lsl.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 10:33:21 EST 1999

Robert Meegan <rm at murl.com> wrote (in answer to Benoit Ciceron):
>If what you want is a way to filter mailing list messages, may I
>suggest that you look for "python-list" in both the "To:" and "CC:"

Unfortunately, demonstrably insufficient (i.e., some messages to the list do
not actually have python-list in either To: or CC: fields). This is a
problem to those (for instance) who are unlucky enough to have to use
Outlook Express (<fx spitting>phthwip-ping</>) which only allows filtering
on To, From, CC and Subject fields. Personally, I just put up with some
messages getting misfiled to my inbox, and dream of one day getting back to
a decent mail handler...

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