Writing to files from C functions

Scott Barron sbarron at twilight.
Fri Nov 5 23:14:20 EST 1999

Hi folks,

I have a C library with a couple of functions along these lines:

int foo (int d, int v)
	fd = fopen ("logfile.log", "a");
	fprintf ("called foo on %d with arg %d\n", d, v);
	fflush (fd);
	fclose (fd);
	return 0;

I have used SWIG to generate wrappers for this library and all is mostly
well.  However, I'd like to 'tail -f' the log file while im in the Python
interactive interpreter but the data isn't written to the file until I
exit the Python interpreter.  Is Python not actually flushing my file as
I ask or is my C code incorrect?


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