Python in Windows CE?

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Thu Nov 18 11:23:00 CET 1999

>You will probably want to check out the Python CE
>mailing list:
>Python works great on the CE platform. The chief
>shortcoming is the lack of a friendly GUI, but
>this issue is being addressed.  Check the mailing
>list for further details.
>-Jeff Bauer

Thanx a lot for this post, this group will come in handy without a doubt. 
After reading some there, looking for an earlier addressed question from me, 
I still wonder how compatible win32-apps are with the CE-version of Python?
Like Mark Hammond write in his post (#4):

While both CE and Python attempt to be portable, it appears that the current 
situation is not at all portable.  It appears there is no way we can write a 
win32 Python program, and have it work on both CE, and Win95/NT.

At the most basic level, simple win32 wrappers are in differently named 
modules.  For example, the CE port has win32reg for the registry functions, 
but in the existing win32 ports, they exist in win32api.  This is not to 
suggest my scheme is anywhere near ideal, but IMO a common strategy is 

Has any solutions to this been found? And are there any other compability 

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