eff-bot's The Standard Python Library

Randall Hopper aa8vb at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 18:51:24 CET 1999

     I must say this book is quite good.  For those that monitor the Python
list (among other reasons) to learn about the large set of standard
libraries and to pick up new coding techniques, you may want to look into this.

     The new info and slick tricks per unit area is much higher than
drinking from the Python list daily, so it's more enjoyable to read (and I
consider the list fun to read anyway).  It highlights each piece with a
short code segment, and thankfully, doesn't bury the knowledge and tricks
in large case studies.  Well organized and formatted.  I'd recommend it.
(Haven't read it cover-to-cover yet of course, but I've browsed the rest.)

     I'd buy it for more in print, so yes IMO it's certainly worth $16.
Nice to have it on-line for browsing and searching too.

     Hopefully eMatter will complete their efforts to implement a UNIX
distribution method soon.  But if you'd rather not wait, you're a UNIX
weanie, and have an MSWindows box available, "think creatively".  

     Download note: no trouble at all with the Fatbrain site.  I set my
account up as I purchased (one other person previously had reported
problems doing this).

     Install note: No luck running it on NT4; no GUI or console messages
appeared at all, though I didn't have Acroread installed there (possibly
what confused it, though I would still have expected an error message).  It
worked OK under W98 though.  Be sure to heed their advice and install
Acroread 4.x.  I rarely boot into MSWin so I still had Acroread 3.x
installed.  When given this PDF, 3.x was not a happy camper (missing
colormaps, invalid Postscript generation, etc.).  4.x worked like a champ

Randall Hopper 
aa8vb at yahoo.com

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