creating an AIX shared object for Python

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Wed Nov 24 13:23:25 EST 1999

My question is in trying to create a shared object that can be
dynamically loaded into Python on AIX.  I have a small extension module
of C code which makes a 3rd party C library available to Python.  I
have been successful in creating a shared object on IRIX, Solaris, HP-
UX, and Windows NT for this extension module but so far have not been
successful in doing it under AIX.  Here are the two simple commands I
am trying to use and the error message which results during the build
of the shared library (I am using Python 1.5.2):

cc -c -qfuncsect -I/users/toollib/include/python1.5 -
I/net/rush/disk1/pdi/toolkits/crusher/crusher312/include crushermodule.c

ld -G crushermodule.o -o -
L/net/rush/disk1/pdi/toolkits/crusher/crusher312/lib/AIX_4.2.1 -lcrusher
ld: 0711-327 WARNING: Entry point not found: __start
ld: 0711-244 ERROR: No csects or exported symbols have been saved.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dr. Jeff Talbert
jat at

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