Java vs. Python - Serialization Bakeoff

claudius at claudius at
Wed Nov 10 05:38:45 CET 1999

claudius at says:
>Patrick Phalen <python-list at> says:
>>contains an report on tests comparing Java's and Python's data
>>marshalling, using various criteria. Numerous interesting charts and
>>graphs are presented.
>>Since this was published in 1996 (Python 1.4), I wonder if anyone
>>expert in this subject has any comment on whether the intervening years
>>would have changed the conclusions substantively -- namely that Python
>>is, on average, faster, simpler, and more flexible.
>Hmm?  I get 'not found' (and I'm very interested in reading your findings.)

Ah, I found it...for those interested:

(drop the trailing 'l')

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