commas vs. spaces. vs. the legions of new lines

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Mon Nov 1 15:11:32 EST 1999

<pinard at> wrote:
> language after the fact.  My only fear is that Python will grow popular
> enough so the sad history of repeats here, so I hope that Python
> will spread slowly enough so the spirit gets preserved! :-)

Hehe! I hear you. Nice perspective. Possibly not what Guido wants to
hear though. It is true to a certain extent, I'd agree, that
(especially) in this digital domain the faster something gets big the
faster it degenerates in many ways (we see this phenomenon in many
areas), including attracting pretentous attitudes. Though some small
things which never get very big suffer this problem as well; and so far
Python certainly hasn't fallen victim to that protectionistic and
defensive tendancy, so we can have some hope that as it continues to
quickly grow it will also not suffer the same 'attitude' problems that
others have suffered for whatever reason.

Or at least we can watch out for it and fight against it!

After all, besides being universally famous for Silly Walks, aren't
Pythons best known for their prodigious and aggressively friendly
'hugging' abilities? Something for us to keep in mind, perhaps.
<many winks of all sorts of varying percentages>

This is a bit of a silly thread, making mountains out of molehills!
Oh well. Hugs to all Pythoneers.


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