MPEG Handling Classes?

Thomas Weholt u970130 at
Mon Nov 1 21:06:12 EST 1999

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999 03:09:43 GMT, Luis Cortes <LCortes at Flash.Net>

>    Just wanted to know if there are any MPEG handling classes  and
>where I might find them.
>Please reply to sender,

I hassled alot of people about this earlier, so you can scan thru
earlier postings, using stuff like etc.

What I found out is that Guido himself has a module ready, but cannot
release it for licencing reasons ( :-< ) . There is another module
available, which is referred to in postings mentioned earlier. It
works for the basic stuff, but bitrate is not supported ( PST from might get it though ) and running time, sampling
rate etc. is not supported.

Guido said he hesitated releasing his module due to the number of
people wanting it ( he said only me and another guy asked for it . ) 
Still, hope he gets it out somehow. I really need all that other
stuff, not just artist, title, genre etc. that the module available
now support.

Thomas Weholt

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