FXPy-0.99.87 - a Python interface to the FOX GUI library

Lyle Johnson jlj at cfdrc.com
Fri Nov 19 17:06:08 CET 1999

This is an update of FXPy, a Python extension module which provides
an interface to the FOX cross-platform GUI library:

  Home Page:        http://home.hiwaay.net/~johnson2/FXPy
  Download Source:  ftp://ftp.cfdrc.com/pub/FOX/FXPy-0.99.87.tar.gz
  Windows Binaries: ftp://ftp.cfdrc.com/pub/FOX/FXPy-0.99.87-win32.exe

To build FXPy from the sources, you will also need to download version
0.99.87 of the FOX library:

  FOX Home Page:    http://www.cfdrc.com/FOX/fox.html
  Download Source:  ftp://ftp.cfdrc.com/pub/FOX/fox-0.99.87.tar.gz

As you may have guessed by now, the latest release of FXPy is
version 0.99.87.

What is it?

FXPy is a Python extension module which provides an interface to the
cross-platform GUI library. With a few minor exceptions, FXPy provides
complete interface to FOX. FOX is a C++-based toolkit for developing
graphical user interfaces easily and effectively. Some of the
significant features of FOX include:

 *  A rich set of widgets (including dials, shutters, tree lists, and
    many other "modern" widgets).
 *  Powerful but easy-to-use layout managers.
 *  Extensive support for 3-D modeling using OpenGL or Mesa.
 *  Supports the XDND protocol for drag-and-drop.
 *  Registry for persistent application settings.
 *  Runs natively under Unix/X and Microsoft Windows.
 *  And much, much more!

Please see the FOX home page (URL listed above) for more details about
the FOX library's features. Also consider subscribing to the fox-users
mailing list for the latest news about FOX development; again, see the
FOX home page for information on this.

FXPy is (c) 1999 Lyle Johnson (jlj at cfdrc.com) and is released under
GNU Lesser General Public License.

<P><A HREF="http://home.hiwaay.net/~johnson2/FXPy">FXPy-0.99.87</A> -
interface to the FOX cross-platform GUI library.  (19-Nov-99)

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