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Tue Nov 16 15:28:07 EST 1999

Mike Fletcher wrote:
> Hmm, actually, it's only cheap for certain subsets of the problem (which I
> took to be the common case).  In particular, it shines for small numbers of
> instances in lists of fairly arbitrary size.  It falls down completely when
> you are removing large numbers of instances (such as all of them).  I just
> tested five algos, testing 1 instance in middle of list, and a list composed
> of only elements to be removed, findings, module, and raw test results
> below...

Oh well, I overlooked that you have the try inside the while.
That's bad. I thought I had read this:

def without( source, element):
        temp = source[:]
                while temp:
                        temp.remove( element )
            return temp
        return temp

Did you try this (I didn't, have no time).

cheers - chris

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