Python company worth $100M

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Wed Nov 10 12:49:30 EST 1999

Nope, don't think you're missing anything. If I recall correctly, the
asyncore docs even mention their assumption that the processing to be done
per call is trivial.  Since all other channels are "blocked" while the
compute-heavy call is processing, the system will suffer performance
degradation for all other clients.  Thread-pools seem to be a decent
approach for longer-running calls.


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>  [ ]
>and if you look at the technical credits page, what do you
>asynclib again, of course ;-)

Actually, we're moving away from asyncore in favor of threads.  Unless
we're missing something obvious, asyncore just doesn't do well with
compute-heavy processes.
> I wrote:
> > a slightly hairer design issue is what combinations
> > of pattern and string the new 're' will handle.


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