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Thu Nov 25 18:10:03 EST 1999

Nick Trout wrote:
> | Basically, I'd be really interested to learn: what _don't_ people like
> | about Python

> It would be *really* nice if someone sped up Tkinter (ie. direct tk calls
> rather than through Tcl which is the way I think it works at the moment).
> Its quite a pain if you have a large GUI or you're trying to work with GL.
> Its a shame with this being the defacto GUI and bundled with Python that it
> is so sluggish. It is very usable though.

Viper will support a builtin, high speed GUI interface. 
The current Linux implementation uses GTK.  On my 166MHz Intel
box, it flies. On a real computer, well, who knows :-)
Note that this is so, even though there are FOUR levels of wrapping
around the GTK calls, a C wrapper, then and ocaml wrapper,
then a Viper wrapper, and finally a Python wrapper!

[A windows port would probably use native MS-Windows]

Seriously, Tk is archaic. Forget it. For CPython, wxWindows
or pyGtk would be better choices. For JPython, obviously
Swing is the GUI of choice. 

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