eff-bot Python book ... revisited

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Thu Nov 4 05:22:15 EST 1999

Patrick Phalen <python-list at teleo.net> writes:

> I printed the book both sides, using inexpensive paper, on my LaserJet.
> Whenever I do this, the first pass (odd pages only) subjects one
> surface to intense heat, buckling/warping the stack. This makes it
> nearly impossible to feed the stack back through for the second (odd)
> pass without jamming the printer.

It's a problem with cheap paper. Of course more expensive paper isn't
necessarily better, but the paper that is better is usually more

> However, this time, I let the stack sit for several days, to allow the
> moisture in the fibers to reequalize (?) -- and it worked.

You can speed it up by keeping it under pressure (a 16-ton weight
will do nicely ;-)
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