Multi-Dimensional Arrays.

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Wed Nov 17 20:54:30 CET 1999

Allow me to refine the question.  If I make a list of lists to be my
multi-dimensional array, how do I pass that into C?
PyArg_ParseTuble(args, "?", &x)?  What would go in place of the "?"?  Or
would it be done a different way.  Then to pass it back to Python, I
would return what?  Could I use Py_BuildVal("?", x) ?

Curtis Jensen wrote:

> I'm working on a Python user interface that will be connected to some
> fortran code with heaps of multi-dimensional arrays.  I can't seem to
> find any references to multi-dimensional arrays in Python.  Is there
> an easy way to create multi-dimensional arrays in Python?
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