A Modest Proposal -- <wink>

Patrick Phalen python-list at teleo.net
Sat Nov 13 11:47:37 EST 1999

[Magnus L. Hetland, on Sat, 13 Nov 1999]:

:: But - if you have XPPMS, why do you need XWTSNTSDL? You could just
:: transform
::    This is some text <wink>
:: into
::    <wink>This is some text</wink>
:: and Bob's your uncle... Then you can use standard XML tools... :)

I am against this notion, for several reasons. 

1. XPPMS should disavow any attempt to do anything useful. I thought we
had all agreed to this. It's in the spec!

2. It gratuitously introduces containment and well-formedness, which,
in turn, threatens several key objectives of XWTSNTSDL, XGNBAML, and
XACL, namely:

* Make XML software significantly harder to write
* Make source files significantly harder to read

We must be especially cautious not to introduce any changes at
this point which might make XML easier to teach to beginners.

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