Zope comparisons? (ASP, PHP, etc)

Evan Simpson evan at tokenexchange.com
Tue Nov 16 16:45:39 CET 1999

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> evan at tokenexchange.com wrote on 11/4/99 2:26 PM:
> > single file (2GB limit being worked on) and appends new versions of
> Just want to clarify that this is a Linux restriction, not a Zope
> restriction.  We use a 64-bit OID, so if the underlying OS supports larger
> files, then we should continue to grow.

Sorry, I should have phrased that better, and would have if I had known how
widely read this posting would be :-)

How about "(the capability to mount multiple storages in a single tree is
being worked on, which will circumvent the Linux 2GB file-size limitation
and provide other advantages)".


Evan @ 4-am

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