Problem with asynch. sockets under Win98,

Andreas Rozek Andreas.Rozek at RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.De
Mon Nov 29 18:30:14 CET 1999


I'm currently developing a distributed system which uses asynchronous
socket IO under Win98. The sockets used are set to non-blocking mode,
identified with "select" as being ready for IO and then read or writ-
ten using "recv" or "send", resp.

On the server side,  "sending"  to a TCP socket  (which has been suc-
cessfully "accept"ed before) works fine for the first time.  However,
whenever I try to "send"  to the same socket again,  I get  error no.
10045 (WSAEOPNOTSUPP, Operation not supported)

Does anybody have some experience with non-blocking socket IO for TCP
and UDP unicast and multicast? Is there an explanation for the above-
mentioned behaviour?

Basically, I'm using the following statement for writing onto the soc

  BytesSent = self.Socket.send(self.Buffer, len(self.Buffer))

(Buffer contains two characters, i.e., it's non-empty)

Thanks in advance for your effort!


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