Proposal: Python Info Collective

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Mon Nov 15 18:18:23 CET 1999

>>>>> "AMK" == Andrew M Kuchling <akuchlin at> writes:

    AMK> is *very* nice, and it might
    AMK> be the only solution required.  Apparently a good deal of
    AMK> work has been put into seeding the initial database, and
    AMK> that's important, because it makes the index immediately
    AMK> useful.  Yet I hadn't heard about it until now; is the site
    AMK> still beta?  Did I miss a article about it?

    AMK> There are various issues with it -- I don't know how scalable
    AMK> the underlying code is, the graphic design could be simpler,
    AMK>'s reliability and bandwidth are unknown, and we can
    AMK> argue about the classification hierarchy *forever* -- but
    AMK> it's still valuable.

    AMK> We need to just pick a solution and stick with it; Parnassus
    AMK> is as good as any, and has the incalculable advatange of
    AMK> being implemented.  I'd like to encourage everyone who
    AMK> maintains Python code, or writes Python tutorials and docs,
    AMK> to go to .  Is everything
    AMK> you've done in the index?  If not, add the missing items.
    AMK> Can we prominently link to it from, so people
    AMK> begin to use it?

Very interesting!  I hadn't heard about it until Andrew's post either.
I just made an update to the Mailman entry, but it looks like there's
some editorial review for record changes, because the change isn't
effective immediately.  That could be another bottleneck in the

In any event, since the site's been outed, I'll probably add a link
somewhere on the site, but I'd still like Parnassus' author
to get in touch with me...


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