Need Berkley DB!!

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Wed Nov 3 09:19:58 CET 1999

In article <381FE1D5.C0F721A6 at>, Thomas Weholt wrote:
>Robin Dunn wrote:
>> > After I spent most of my weekend trying to get Berkley DB to work with
>> > Python on my Linux ( Suse 6.1) machine, I`ve now given up completly.
>> > I`ve tried to install DB.1.85. and DB.2.7.7, neither worked, either
>> > crashing under installation ( which of course, is not Python
>> > related ) or when I tried to test the installation with the examples in
>> > the documentation ( the wrapper for the 2.7.5-module listed at
>> >, under modules, databases ).
>> Have you tried my DB module at ?
>> Assuming you can get DB 2.7.x built and installed, this module should do
>> what you need.
>Yes, I`ve tried it and the installation did go smooth, but when I tried to
>use the example in the documentation Python barfed some errors at me, then
>died with a scream. I can probably recreate the errors and send you a copy
>of the output.
>I think the problem might be solved if I, sigh, re-install Red Hat 6.1 and
>trash that oversized, over-featured Suse 6.2 Linux distro I got now. The Red
>Hat version of Python came with all that stuff installed. There`s not enough
>hours in a day to keep working on things like this. At least not right now.
>Thanks for your interest though.
>Best regards,
>Thomas Weholt

off topic, but instead of linux you might want to try FreeBSD,
It is much less agravation, form my personal experence anyway.

Good Luck


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