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Hans Nowak ivnowa at hvision.nl
Mon Nov 8 12:27:27 EST 1999

On 8 Nov 99, dkaznadzey at my-deja.com wrote:

> Does anyone know weather there is a way to create
> a popup menu in tk (using Tkinter)? It seems
> like in order to be shown the menu must
> grow from the valid menubar. If there is a way
> to display standalone menu pane at given
> coordinates, please let me know.

Try this code... You can right-click on the canvas to make the menu 
pop up.

# menutest.py
# Makes a window pop up by rightclicking the canvas.

from Tkinter import *
import regsub

def getgeometry(something):
    s = something.geometry()
    return map(int, regsub.split(s, "[x+]"))

root = Tk()

root.canvas = Canvas(root, height=100, width=100,   

def new_file(event=None):
    print "Opening new file"

menu = Menu(root)
menu.add_command(label="New...", underline=0, command=new_file)
menu.add_command(label="Open...", underline=0, command=new_file)
menu['tearoff'] = 0

def activate_menu(event=None):
    sizex, sizey, x, y = getgeometry(root)    
    menu.tk_popup(x+event.x, y+event.y)

root.canvas.bind("<Button-3>", activate_menu)


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