Python complaints

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Nov 24 16:13:49 EST 1999

[Thomas A. Bryan]
> ...
> For example, I saw some code that I wanted to copy in DejaNews
> archives, but the lines wrap in narrow columns in DejaNews.
> I had to reindent the code.  Grrr.

In DejaNews, while looking at a msg, click the "View original Usenet format"
link following the msg end:

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> I have also had problems when e-mailing code when I e-mail the
> code as text in the message instead of attaching a document.
> Is there a better way to transmit code so that possible
> indentation munging won't force the reader to reindent?

If you don't want to use attachments (chicken <wink>), avoid all control and
high-bit characters other than newline (which means, in particular, don't
use tabs!  use spaces), and keep your maximum line length less than 80

good-advice-for-mailing-programs-in-any-language!-ly y'rs  - tim

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