performance of tuple-less Python?

Neil Schemenauer nascheme at
Tue Nov 30 06:23:17 CET 1999

Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> wrote:
>They're only redundant if the concept of mutability is 
>meaningless. A reference-based language without a concept 
>of mutability would be, um, an adventure.


>what-if-six-turned-out-to-be-nine-ly y'rs

Wasn't there a version of Fortran that allowed this?  Python is
not totally with a means of enjoying this adventure.

    >>> None = 1
    >>> a = None
    >>> if a:     
    ...     print "oh no"
    oh no

That could be fun (or dangerous) in a Python project with lots of

    Neil (professional hacker at work, do not attempt at home :)

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