UML tools: Tcl or Python?

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Fri Nov 12 18:18:36 CET 1999

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  Stuart Zakon <info at> wrote:
> Interesting developments for scripting in UML tools:
> First ObjectDomain switched its scripting language from Tcl to
> Next Together/J 3.0 switched its scripting language from JPython to

Hmmm, are you sure about this? In the 3.0 Beta they were still
JPython, but de-emphasizing it in favour of the Java API. I just had a
look at the 3.0 final help docs, which states that "a script is a Java
class". There is no mention of either JPython or TCL, as far as I can
Needless to say, I think JPython makes for a much better application
scripting language than Java....


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