How to perform syntax check in Python

Patrick Phalen python-list at
Thu Nov 11 11:10:18 EST 1999

[Moshe Zadka, on Wed, 10 Nov 1999]:

:: Ummm....what planet are you from?
:: Python has no notion of declaring variables at compile time, only at
:: run-time. That means program flow can impact what name are "alive". This
:: means Python has to solve halting-problem-equivalent problems in order to
:: check for undeclared variables. I don't know what state HP is in, but if
:: you know how to solve the halting problem, you should patent it, and build
:: a brand new company. Guido has chosen not to release that technology into
:: Python for the next 5 years.

You seem tense, Moshe. Have you been drinking too much coffee?
Remember to take a break from the computer once in awhile. Go outside.
Look at the sky. Breathe. Relax.

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