Production Web Deployment?

Paul Everitt paul at
Sat Nov 13 14:34:11 CET 1999

Tim O'Malley wrote:
>   Is using Apache?
>   There is a prototype (alpha) Apache module which embeds the
>   functionality of PCGI into Apache.  If this worked for you, then you
>   would maintain compatibility with PCGI.

Howdy Tim, thanks for the note.  Yes, we know about Andrew's mod_pcgi. 
Our ultimate goal is to leverage the active development of another
group's webserver integration.

FastCGI gives us a three-year-old Apache module, plus commercial and
supported versions for Netscape and IIS (and Apache).  Additionally,
FastCGI has support for TCP sockets in addition to domain sockets, which
helps deal with file permission errors when configuring it.

The major reason we ditched FastCGI and came up with PCGI in the first
place (lack of threading in the library meant a person could telnet into
your application and lock the app) is no longer pertinent with the new
Zope2 architecture.  This has us hoping to get FastCGI back in as a
viable choice.  Seems nobody in the Zope community is eager to maintain
an Apache module. :^)


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