[HELP] TKinter could not run in Python!

David F Hughes david at forestfield.co.uk
Sat Nov 13 19:25:00 CET 1999

In article <80i63e$7t4$1 at news.seed.net.tw>, wuhy at tcts.seed.net.tw (Mark 
Wu) wrote:

> TclError: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories:
>     {d:\progra~1\tcl\lib\tcl8.1} {} ./lib/tcl8.0 
> D:/Python/tcl8.0/library
> D:/Pyt
> hon/Tools/library

> This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.

As another Python newbie, I have just spent a couple of hours grappling 
with the same problem. I tracked it down to copies of Tcl80.dll and 
Tk80.dll that had gotten installed in [Windir]\system. Removing them 
solved the problem. 

It was also necessary to tell Python where to find the real Tcl 
installation by adding C:\Progra~1\tcl\bin to the PATH command in 
autoexec.bat - I think this would have been done automatically during the 
Python install, but it had been confused by the above.

I believe that the dll's had been put into the \system directory by a 
(rather garish)Tcl GUI builder called SpecTcl (from SUN microsystems dated 
September 1997) which I had installed to evaluate but decided not to use - 
well anyway, SpecTcl stopped working after removing them!

David Hughes
Forestfield Software Ltd.
Horsham, UK.
[david at forestfield.co.uk] 

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