making the Python case to my dept.

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Sat Nov 13 17:10:02 EST 1999

I hit the hp e-speak site and everything was in java. I was just
wondering where you got this news from?

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  Patrick Phalen <python-list at> wrote:
> [Ivan Van Laningham, on Sat, 06 Nov 1999]:
> :: Aahz Maruch wrote:
> :: > I believe that there are more jobs for good Python programmers
> :: > people with the skills to fill them.  My company is certainly
> :: > difficulties (jobs in Mountain View! ask me!), and having HP
> :: > advertising for 10-12 Python positions only increases the
> :: I really hope that Aahz is correct.  As most of you know, I'm
stuck out
> :: here in Utah, which is widely known to be significantly behind
> :: curve you want to name.
> ::
> :: If there's a curve coming to Utah, I sure hope it will be one with
> :: for Pythonistas, because there certainly aren't *any* here now.
> Look at it this way: the HP jobs all appear to center around
> the E-speak technology. Python has been chosen as the official
> scripting language for E-speak. Novell has publicly endorsed E-speak.
> Novell decides to builds Netware hooks into E-speak,  they'll probably
> hire rafts of Pythonistas in Utah.  :)

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