ANN: MkWrap 0.9 embedded database

Jean-Claude Wippler jcw at
Fri Nov 5 12:45:17 CET 1999

This is an announcement of a new release of MkWrap for Python at:
Ready-to-run downloads for Solaris, Linux, Windows, and Mac are at:

To give you an impression of what MkWrap does, here's a Python script:
    import MkWrap
    db = MkWrap.Storage('phonebook.dat',1)
    vw = db.view("persons")
    vw = vw.Select(name='John').Sort(
    for i in vw:
        print "Found:",,,

MetaKit packs a lot of power in a little package.  Some facts:
	- Failsafe: transacted commit, for data and structure changes
	- Efficient: compact auto-sizing storage, high scanning speeds
	- Flexible: select/sort on any field, relational / set operators
	- Adaptive: restructure on-the-fly, use with C++, Python, and Tcl
	- Portable: the same file can be used on Unix, Windows, and Mac
	- Embeddable: can link statically for stand-alone executables
	- Tiny: on Windows, the no-install Python extension DLL is 170 Kb

MetaKit is free for non-commercial use, there's a royalty-free source
license for commercial use.  The non-nonsense details are described at:

Changes since 0.4  - MkWrap 0.9 is based on MetaKit 1.9d, and adds: 
 * stability, this version has taken quite a beating 
 * a file interface, read/write/pickle to/from memo fields 
 * a wrapper around any sequence, so you can join/groupby anything 
 * completely reorganized core-, platform-, and language-distributions
 * smaller, faster, some documentation, and some sample scripts 

-- Jean-Claude

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