win32api... another question: GetEnvironmentVariable("PATH")

Kevin Cazabon kcazabon at
Mon Nov 15 23:35:06 EST 1999

Cool... at least I know that I'm not loosing my mind.  q:]

I'll try other routes for now.  Is there any way to use the Win32 API
"SetEnvironmentVariable" function as well?  I want to update some system
stuff on the fly...

BTW, it doesn't cause any errors, just returns None.


P.S.:  the rest of the win32 package is pretty slick... thanks!  q:]

Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message
news:OL%X3.4846$Xo.25269 at
> Kevin Cazabon wrote in message ...
> >Interesting... it doesn't work on Win98 for me (The exact statement
> >below...).
> Eeek - you are correct - it doesnt :-(
> win32api implements this using "GetEnvironmentVariableW()", and returns a
> Unicode string.  This doesnt work on 95/98.  I dont know what I was
> :-(
> I think I should drop this back to an Ascii version, and return a normal
> PyString object.  That shouldnt break any code as Unicode objects are
> useless now and need to be "str()"d to be useful.
> Damn...
> Mark.

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