Python complaints

Tim Peters tim_one at
Thu Nov 25 11:56:10 CET 1999

[Aahz Maruch]
> ...
> In fact, I wish that Guido would disallow
>   if foo : bar()
> and force it to always be
>   if foo :
>     bar()

He would be more likely to force it to be

    if foo:      # he hates spaces before colons
        bar()    # he hates indents smaller than 4

[Martijn Faassen]
> Agreed. The Zope sources are full of the former and that idiom
> doesn't help me read them particularly.
> Perhaps 1.6 could introduce this requirement, and some scripts to
> convert existing code. The only use I can see for the former is to
> write nice obfuscated one liners. :)

There are a few things in the language primarily for convenience in
interactive mode.  This is one of them.  Being Dutch, Guido grossly
overestimated the common sense of his American audience <wink>.

my-people-invented-bad-taste-and-proud-of-it-ly y'rs  - tim

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