Need help with html files

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Mon Nov 29 13:24:37 EST 1999

> hi,
> i would like to open a local html file from within python,
> When the html is opened, it should be opened like if you double click
> on the filename, so it uses the know filetype from windows.
> in short , when someone has netscape as the default browser.
> I open the html file python should call the html file , and windows
> opens the default browser with the file as argument.
> I hope this is clear enough, at the moment i can´t think of a way to
> explain it differently.
> if you know what i mean and if you have a solution for my problem
> please post or mail.
> thanks
import os
os.system ("start c:\\myfile.html")

Thomas Heller

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