omniORB for Python pre-release now available

Duncan Grisby dgrisby at
Wed Nov 10 07:40:57 EST 1999

AT&T Laboratories Cambridge is pleased to announce the availability of
the first public pre-release of omniORB for Python. omniORB is a free
high-performance CORBA ORB.

The bindings adhere to the latest draft Python mapping available from
the OMG. Although this is a pre-release, the ORB has no known bugs,
and is in daily use in our lab.

omniORBpy is free software. The ORB runtime is released under the
terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License; the associated tools
are under the GNU General Public License.

omniORBpy is a wrapper around the omniORB core library, and is
therefore reasonably fast. Although most of the ORB is written in C++,
the stubs generated from IDL are pure Python.

This release of omniORBpy is also the first outing for omniORB's new
IDL compiler, which has a simple Python back-end interface. If you
have ever entertained the idea of generating some special-purpose code
from your IDL, but been scared off by the complexity of available IDL
front-ends, you may want to look at the new compiler.

For more information, and to download omniORBpy, visit

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