Python and sending emails with it

Joe Cotellese joecot1 at
Sun Nov 14 04:54:49 CET 1999

Well it depends.  You can generally use the SMTPLIB module for sending mail. 
It works pretty well.  I have however found it to have problems sending mail to
a Worldmail (Eudora) server.

The library is and it has a usage sample at the bottom of the module.

Joe Cotellese

 Jeremy Misavage <tekhir at> wrote: > I'm kinda new to
python and I'm trying to write a small program that will take > in form data,
save it in a db, and then send an email to a person. >  > The program processes
a users request for a "equipment request."  It gets > loggged in a db (already
done) and sends an email to the person in change of the > equipment.  I need
help on the email part.  Does some out there have some code > that will taken
data and send it to a person.  It shouldn't need a username and > password, but
if it does I'll live with that.

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